Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wrapping February up . . . .

Thanks for being with us during this first month of our tour for UNAFRAID! As we wrap up this discussion of the fear of change, I wanted to talk with you for a few moments about choosing and chasing change instead of fearing it. God’s right there with us when we decide to do that—and it can lead to some amazing improvements in our lives.

Choosing to change something about ourselves, our environment, our relationships—anything that leads to a better life—takes courage and commitment because it can be hard and often takes longer than we would like. But God always has something better in mind for us when we feel that nudge to finally *just do something* about the way things are [usually the way *we* are], and deciding to chase that change is an exciting and fulfilling goal. And it doesn’t come alone.

During all our efforts, God is busy too, pouring out more grace to guide us through, sustaining us when we’re unsure or unsteady, providing all the building materials we need for a new and wonderful addition to our temples. So as we wrap us this month’s discussion and you overcome this fear, what new building -- what new change -- will you choose and chase so that you receive grace and reflect God, so that you find great JOY in your life? Please share with the rest of us . . . .

And our partner blogger this month, Iris at Grace Alone shares some thoughts about change too -- and reminds us who the Great Architect always is when we put our toolbelts on. You can read her wonderful post here.

THANKS again for being here, please stop by Monday as we begin our next discussion, overcoming the fear of failure, and welcome partner blogger Melissa at A Familiar Path . Be well and God bless!

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