Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Schedule...

Our Blog Tour Schedule

February – fear of change, we overcome and build with joy in new blessings to come
February's Partner Blogger: Iris at Grace Alone . . .
[brief Bible study of Ruth]

March – fear of failing, we overcome and build with willingness, belief and patience
March's Partner Blogger: Melissa at A Familiar Path
[brief Bible study of Gideon]

April – fear of loss, we overcome and build with faith in God’s provision and care
April's Partner Blogger: Tammy at My Heart . . . His words
[brief Bible study of Peter]

May – fear of rejection, we overcome and build with security and purpose
May's Partner Blogger: Terry at Breathing Grace
[brief Bible study of Moses]

June – fear of loss of control, we overcome and build with trust (the point of the whole book: Trust ME, God says.)
June's Partner Blogger: Kristen at Hands, House, and Heart Full
[brief Bible study of Joseph]


  1. I am very excited about these studies :)

  2. Me too! Thanks so much for being here with me :-)

    Many blessings,

  3. Karon life got hectic for a little while for me but I hope things are returning to normal! I haven't forgotten about you and hopefully I'll be able to participate this month lol. ;-)

  4. I understand hectic very well, lol. Glad to have you here anytime, God bless, Karon :)