Monday, January 18, 2010

The back story . . . .

This blog is called A Hundred Fearless Words because I originally planned to post brief, meaningful messages about overcoming fears and point you to my new book -- just take a little of your time now and then to talk about courage while I moved on to the next project.

Then my life ended. Well, no, I’m still here of course, but as I was getting ready to release this book, I walked through the most unexpected and unthinkable time I’d ever known, and it’s not over, but I’m recovering. Of all the horrible stuff I’ve been afraid of before (and often written about to my amazingly patient, long-suffering readers), I’m now facing new unimaginable fears, and the wounds from my own piece of hell are still raw and bleeding. Scared doesn't touch it, and yet, here we are.

So let’s back up a sec. All my books, all my speaking, all my work -- it’s all what I’ve lived, where I’ve been, where God has held me and healed me with His grace. Like you, I seek others so that I can gratefully pass on that grace, and this new blog was supposed to be like that -- it was supposed to be about me helping you and teaching you and encouraging you -- and with my partner bloggers and God’s grace, it still will be, with a twist.

I can’t separate my work and my life and my readers. I never have, and those of you who know me well know how I’ve spilled all my mistakes and messes out for you to see. BUT, in the past, those mistakes and messes were in the past too, cleaned up a little, and I was better by the time God let me near you. But this time, we’re not so lucky, either one of us, and the work must go on.

So more exposed than ever and in more need of your understanding and support, here I am, my knee-shaking, heart-pounding, praying without ceasing scaredy-cat self, about to talk with you about being unafraid.

Because as terrified as I am right now, I know God is still in control. I can’t see it well right now, but I will choose to trust it. Journey with me, if you dare, and I promise you we’ll both have God beside us as we go. And we’re going to make this year our best ever, starting now. Thanks for being here . . . .


  1. I am right there with you, Karon :) - Let God put His healing hand on all the hurts we have. Let the journey begin. I am very thankful that you have invited me.

  2. God has held me closer than ever before these past few months, and He continues to do that . . . I know I wouldn't have survived without Him.

  3. I am a new blogger and don't totally understand this world, but I am seeing God met me where I am through this technology. Since God has been working this through my life also this is a balm to my soul. Thanks,

  4. Welcome Janette, so glad you're here! God's multi-talented and always ready to work with the wounded, wherever we are :) Please feel free to share your story anytime, God bless, Karon